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Molotow Masterpiece Marker - Coversall 760

The Molotow Masterpiece Coversall 760PI is a refillable marker which dispenses Molotow's own glossy, permanent, and alcohol-based Coversall ink. This is a quick-drying and highly opaque pitch-black ink made with synthetic bitumen. It is both weather- and UV-resistant.

The 760PI has a 60mm tip which is fed by 8 paint-channels, and is therefore one of the widest comercially-produced paint markers currently available. Like all Masterpiece Coversall markers, it can be used indoors or outdoors on nearly all surfaces, textured or slick. The tips of the marker are replaceable, and the marker itself can be refilled with any Molotow inks or paints (though a refill with the the alcohol-based Coversall or Speedflow inks will work best).
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