About Us

Welcome to Collective, a lifestyle brand located by Kesington Market in the heart of downtown Toronto, as well as the net.

A group of creatives with a strong passion for urban life. We think of ourselves as the point zero that intersects and connects many different cultures and genres in our modern day era. We are writers, breakers, designers, gamers and collectors. We love Graffiti, hip hop, Bulletpunk, Superplastic, designer toys, 80s and 90s nostalgia, sneakers, cyberpunk, anime, and many other obscure things you wouldn’t expect…but that all intersect.

Our goal is to be able to submerse ourselves in what we love, and provide bridges for you to connect to other cultures through the blending of genres, IPs, and style. That you may realize if you don’t already that you can pick up a spray can, design a fantastic toy, learn how to break, customize your own shoes, and turn the hidden passions you have for the nostalgia you grew up with into fashion, style, and classy centrepieces. We live in a world now where you can create whatever you want in a classy way. Just ask les Banalian ;)

We take pride in offering the best prices on Montana Spray Paint as to facilitate the growth of creatives everywhere, and in providing the best leather acrylic paint in the world, Angelus Acrylic Paint.

We ship worldwide, and as our online presence has grown, it has become a massive part of our brand. We have a shipping and online team at the ready to tend to all online inquires about products, our shop, or orders you have made. Email us with any questions or concerns you may have at torontocollectiveteam@gmail.com. We are here to ensure a smooth shipping experience, and to take care of all our customers no matter where you are from. Please note in the menu you can change the currency the store displays, and you can check out in those currencies as well.

Customers outside of Canada and the USA  please see our shipping section to get acquainted with how we ship international orders. 

Check us out on Instagram to see when we are hosting our parties and events, or to just see us rip on each other XD. From Vinyl Launch Parties to Breaking Battles and Live Art, we do it big here at Collective!