High Risk Orders

We treat all high fraud orders with Extreme prejudice. 

We reserve the right to cancel or hold Medium or High Risk Orders based on the circumstances. We will not ship out orders unless we are covered from potential chargebacks. We will try contact you when we notice the flagged order to see if things can be remedied. 

To be very clear. If your order comes in as high risk we treat is as fraud. We will not refund or cancel the order nor will we ship the item out. We will wait for the chargeback or until we here from the direct proven owner of the card. This means whoever has stolen the card will not get the item they attempted to buy, and the funds used will then be unavailable for the bad actor to try use again on our site or others. If you enter your address wrong and your order is flagged, the best thing you can do is to contact us at 416-901-7007 or email us at torontocollectiveteam@gmail.com.

Please ensure that your billing credentials are correct before making a purchase, or use PayPal to make sure your order isn't flagged. You can always call your bank to verify exactly how your credentials are written. Putting "East" instead of an "E" for example can effect if you are flagged or not.

This is to prevent us shipping out an order to someone who has stolen a credit card, double chargebacks, and to protect the card holder from having the suspect re-use their card. 

We report all suspected fraud to the police, and if we ship out an item to you and it is then found out the card was compromised, we will contact the authorities in your area and provide them with any information they need.