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We offer Pre-Orders on special limited items that are normally a month or two away from release. If you score a pre-order rest assured we will print out your order and put it on a special pamphlet, as well as keep the order open on our websites back end so we can always see it until its picked up. This ensures every pre-order is accounted for.

We can not refund pre- orders once they are made. 

Please note that although its never happened, with the nature of pre-orders there is a possibility something can go wrong (Like the ship carrying your items sinks into the Ocean) if anything like this happens rest assured you will get a full refund.

Also please note if you have a pre-order item in your cart, we will wait until it arrives to ship out your order. If you would like your pre-order shipped separately we can do this as well just email us, however there will be an additional shipping charge.