Vinyl Toys

We don't offer Vinyl Toy or Pre Order refunds.

Sometimes Vinyl Toy companies produce items with minor defects on them. Its rare but there is nothing we can do about this.

If you receive a defective vinyl toy that is currently still in current production provide us proof of purchase and we will try on your behalf to open up correspondence with the corresponding company to see how they can help you. Usually if the damaged item came from a blind box the best they can do it offer a replacement blind box. If the Item was a figure where you know what you are getting, and it isn't ultra limited, we should be able to get you a replacement, however we aren't fully magicians yet so there is no guarantee.

We are vinyl customers as well so please know when something goes wrong we are right there with you to solve the issue as we have been there ourselves.

Also if you have any pieces in your collection with scuffs on them send us pics or bring them in and we can see if we can clean them up for you. You never know who may own your future Vinyl so keeping them in good condition helps us all. Who knows one day your piece could end up in a museum!

Please note we are not liable if your item is damaged whilst getting cleaned. If we feel that a part of your vinyl is to dangerous to clean we will leave the decision up to you.

Please note older loose items sometimes were purchased second hand, and we will generally try to use our own high quality images so that you can see first hand the piece you are buying. We do not offer refunds on these loose pieces. If they are missing items it will be reflected in the price and description.

Spray Cans

We do not refund spray cans under any circumstance. We can offer exchanges but it is at our discretion, and we will require proof of purchase.

Angelus Products

For all Angelus products we do not offer refunds. We do however offer exchanges. If something goes wrong with your order (such as paint freezing etc) we will absolutely replace any damaged items for you. We will require proof of purchase.