Website Guide

Here is a simple guide to help you navigate the website.

On the home page you will find our Fresh Arrivals as well as Pre-Order slider sections. You can scroll through a few of them on the home page or click the "FRESH ARRIVALS" or "PRE-ORDER" buttons to go their respective full collections.

Back on the home page below the slider sections you will find hot links to popular art supply and designer toy collections. Hit either the "ART SUPPLIES' button or the "DESIGNER TOYS' button to go to their respective full collection menus.

On the top of the website ( top left on mobile) you will find the Drop Down Menus. Here you can get to any section of the store very quickly.

You will notice a Breadcrumb Trail on the top left of every collection showing the pages that come before it on the site. This will allow you to backtrack quickly from where you came from or throughout any area of the site. An example of this if there was on on this page would be "Home / Website Guide."

Keep in mind though if you hit the back button instead of the breadcrumb trail the site will remember where you were on the previous page.

For any other questions feel free to contact us through the the contact form link on the bottom of all pages.