Andy Warhol Soup Can Mystery Series 2

Throughout his life and prolific career as the preeminent visual and conceptual artist of the 20th century, Andy Warhol understood commercial culture and forced his audience to reconsider the social constructs of commercial items. Including some of his most recognizable and iconic artwork, Kidrobot and The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts have teamed up again to for the new Andy Warhol Campbell’s Soup Can Mystery Warhol Art Figure Series 2!

In the first Andy Warhol Campbell's Soup Can Mystery Warhol Art Figure Series, Kidrobot brought to life 16 collectible Warhol inspired mystery figures in a collectible Campbell's Soup Can.  Continue your collection with the next series of collectible Warhol mystery figures and plush with 16 new collectibles.   

Collect some of the famous Pop Art pieces, in vinyl, including the iconic Campbell’s Tomato Soup Can, The Warhol Hamburger and Andy’s own clear eyewear frames that was part of his eccentric public persona, to earn your own 15 minutes of fame!

COLLECT THEM ALL (including the super chase piece not pictured)

  • Andy Warhol Banana (1966) Vinyl Figure - 2/24
  • Andy Warhol Hamburger Vinyl Figure - 3/48
  • Andy Warhol Cow (1966) Vinyl Figure- 2/24
  • Andy Warhol Sam the Cat (1954) Plush Pillow - 2/24
  • Andy Warhol Phone Vinyl Figure - 1/48 (Extremely Rare Chase)
  • Andy Warhol Boxing Gloves Vinyl Figure - 2/24
  • Andy Warhol Campbell's Soup Can (1962) Vinyl Figure - 1/48 (Extremely Rare)
  • Andy Warhol Traditional Campbell's Soup Can 2 (1962) Vinyl Figure - 2/24
  • Andy Warhol Mao (1972) Plush Pillow - 2/24
  • Andy Warhol Sam the Cat (1954) Plush Pillow 2 - 2/24
  • Andy Warhol Andy's Clear Frames - 2/24
  • Andy Warhol Shoe - ??/??? (Super Chase)
  • Andy Warhol Campbell's Soup Can Plush 1 - 2/24
  • Andy Warhol Campbell's Soup Can Plush 2 - 1/24
  • Andy Warhol Lobster Vinyl - 2/24
  • ??? - ??/??? (Super Chase Not Pictured)