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Bob Dob Head Men by 3D Retro

Bob Dob Head man by Bob Dob!

On August 6th, 1970 the war began when the radical Youth International Party, aka Yippies, invaded Disneyland as a way to rebel and protest against the establishment. They were successful in taking over Tom Sawyer's Island for a "smoke-in," taunted guests with their chants of anarchy, and attempted to raise their flag at city hall. Mickey Mouse and friends were under attack. But from this event arose The Mouseketeer Army. They battled back to defeat the oppressive ideologies of the Yippies who's only objective was for Disneyland to cease to exist. The Mouseketeer Army is the last hope to preserve the Magic Kingdom.

Collect all 4, Coke Head, Pill Head, Jug Head and Pot Head!

Vinyl. 6 inches tall.
Limited to 250 pieces worldwide.

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