Fuchsia Alphakrylik Acrylic Paint by Alpha 6 Corp

Fuchsia Alphakrylik Acrylic Paint by Alpha 6 Corp.

Alphakrylik is a versatile paint for artists of many mediums. It is a water based acrylic paint that cleans up with soap and water. It has super intense pigment, and durability.  Alphakrylik can be used by fine artists who paint on canvas, window splash artists who paint on windows, garment and shoe artists, as well as sign painters. It is truly a professional artist’s paint but due to the easy clean up, can be used by anyone.  Alphakrylik lasts for years on windows, signs and canvas. This water based paint dries matte. It can however, be clear coated to create a glossy finish.

Weather resistant, fade resistant, high opacity, fast drying, and perfect for daily professional use indoors and out. The finest high pigment water-based Acrylic Paint you can buy!

Scientifically formulated to meet the needs of today’s professional artists, the single stroke coverage allows for faster drying times, a higher opacity out of the bottle, better weather resistance, and increased profitability.
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