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Gudetama Plush Charms By Kidrobot X Sanrio

Kidrobot and Sanrio are fearlessly pushing the boundaries of cuteness crossover with new Gudetama Plush Charms featuring everyone’s favorite lazy egg valiantly trying to pull the wool over fans eyes as he dons disguises of his Sanrio friends. Whether he’s hiding (sleeping) behind a Keroppi colored shell, in a full Chococat onesie or dressed up in his finest Hello Kitty costume, the cuteness Gudetama brings to the table in these plush charms is almost too much to handle. Packaged in blind box eggs with a keychain clip for a bag or purse, these charms are ~ 3.5 inches.

Collect them all:

  • Hello Kitty Gudetama Plush Charm - 3/24
  • Tuxedosam Gudetama Plush Charm - 3/24
  • ?? - ??/??
  • Keroppi Gudetama Plush Charm - 2/24
  • Hangyodon Gudetama Plush Charm - 3/24
  • Chococat Gudetama Plush Charm - 2/24
  • Monchiki Gudetama Plush Charm - 3/24
  • My Melody Gudetama Plush Charm - 3/24
  • Cinnamoroll Gudetama Plush Charm - 2/24
  • Kuromi Gudetama Plush Charm - 2/24
  • Pompompurin Gudetama Plush Charm - 2/24

Note:  Each quantity ordered equals one blind boxed plush charm.  To order a case pack of blind boxes, order a quantity of 24.

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