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Heartbreaker aka HB "Blues" 10" X Vince Staples

Co-created with Long Beach’s favorite son, Vince Staples, and inspired by his most recent and widely celebrated release, “Ramona Park Broke My Heart,” we introduce the all-new “HEARTBREAKER AKA HB.”

World-famous SUPERPLASTIC vinyl paired with utter, decimating despair. One of our most beautiful toys yet, the ever so somber Heartbreaker AKA HB features a matte finish and a Long Beach branded baseball cap complete with a matching letterman jacket as a nod to Vince’s hometown. HB comes slumped in slippers toting a bouquet of roses, with terrible posture due to the emotional weight on his shoulders and sad puppy dog eyes hiding behind Guggimons signature mask. If love was a sport, Heartbreak HB is 0 for 1.


Limited Edition

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