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Lil' Helpers By Superplastic X Guggimon

Lil' Helpers are the latest characters to #BLESS & #CURSE the Superplastic Universe. Designed by legendary fashion-horror influencer Guggimon, these bad MFers are 1 to 1 scale. 


13-mischievous-inches of PERFECT grayscale vinyl. This vinyl art toy will help you chase your wildest dreams, or it’ll burn your FN house down. Features trademark gap-toothed smile, fresh to death sneakers, and blood resistant overalls. WARNING: DO NOT microwave if you value your life & loved ones.


14-maniacal-inches of buttery grayscale vinyl. This toy was designed to help you live your best life, but it’ll most likely crush your dream to smithereens. Features classic Guggi flesh-tearing teeth and GIANT bunny ears to hear the PoPo coming. WARNING: keep away from explosives & DO NOT feed them malt liquor. 

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