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Ukami X Hitsuji Art Figure By Quiccs

Quiccs and Kidrobot bring to life the next story from the Bulletpunk Saga.

Ukami x Hitsuji are two lovers in a time of war. Ukami, general of the Wolfpack, leads a band of survivors fighting against the machines. One day he returns from battle to find his village obliterated by the enemy with no survivors. The fire of his life was gone, but Ukami knew that he had to press on for the survival of the human race.

Many years past as he fought and lamented the machines, until one day the Wolfpack happened upon a settlement with a mechanic harbouring machines named Delta. Ready to draw his weapon, Ukami was halted by a small sheeplike robot. A robot that new more about him then anyone else. Delta had found the wounded Hitsuji many years ago and transferred her mind into the robot. Finally reunited, Ukami and hitsuji would be ready to prepare for the biggest battle of their lives. Click HERE to watch the story unfold in a beautiful tale written by Gutch Gutierrez and Illustrated by Nicko Tumamak.

Limited to 550 pieces.

One per customer. We will cancel suspected fraudulent orders and flippers.


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