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Czarface ReAction Figures Double-Sided Playset - Czarface by Super7

When Czarface and Impostarr go head-to-head for control of the galaxy, an epic showdown is sure to follow! Set the stage for battle with Super7’s new Czarface ReAction Battle Mode Double-Sided Playset, featuring metallic editions of both Czarface and his nemesis Impostarr! Measuring 12.8”H x 8”D x 12”W, the Czarface ReAction Playset features a red plastic base featuring metallic accents and a reversible backdrop that lets you switch between urban apocalypse and cosmic chaos scenes as you pit Czarface and Impostarr against one another! Who will win? You can decide once you’ve secured your Czarface ReAction Figure Playset!

  • Inspired by Czarface album and comic book artwork
  • Includes exclusive 3.75” metallic ReAction Figures of Czarface and Impostarr
  • Double-sided backdrop allowing you to switch between two different scenes
  • Displayed playset dimensions are 12.8”H x 8”D x 12”W
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