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King Janky The 8.5 "Swamp Gawd Gid" 3" By Superplastic

BEWARE THE BAYOU 🐊  KING JANKY THE 8.5 is here to make crocodiles (and you) his lil bayou b!tches 😘  His royal HIGHnezz the 8.5 may have got his start teaching possums how to string banjos but now he’s working full time for the insatiable swamp of souls 🐍 

W/ removable hat, snake and skull staff, this prince of pain also GLOWS from all the tourists he’s consumed that had their phone’s flashlight on while dying ✨ He may only be 3.5” but it’s hard to tell when you’re 6ft below him

Estimated Ship Date: January 2022.

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