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Astro Boy Clear Ver Superb Statue

From Blitzway.On a cold metal bed, Astro Boy's heart starts beating warmly. Here's the second version of Blitzway Astro Boy, which was once praised for its cute appearance and intricate mechanical details! The new Astro Boy has a transparent cover all over his body so that the captivating curved silhouette and inner detail can be appreciated. The glaring lights and the assembly bed that inherited the DX base, which enabled the storage space for all the loose parts, also come with their own surprising features. Two robotic arms and two precision laser modules display a realistic scene as if they are in the middle of the assembly line. The linear motor module inside the assembly bed can make Astro Boy slowly stand up, and through the main power cables, you can display Astro Boy the state of charging. Features 5 LEDs light-up functions on the Astro Boy, and an assortment of clear accessory parts.

    Please Note The box for this piece alone is 63" tall, and it weighs over 7kg. Do to its immense size additional shipping charges me be required. If they are needed we will contact you after you make your order and show you the available shipping options.

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