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Baboo - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Reaction Figure Wave 3 by Super7

Clever for a dimwit, Baboo at least has the intelligence to avoid direct confrontation with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers by helping Rita Repulsa behind the scenes. This 3.75” scale articulated Mighty Morphin Power Ranger ReAction figure of Baboo features intricate sculpting that highlights his odd part-bat, part-monkey, slightly steampunk aesthetic. While he may often be confused, what’s not confusing is how perfectly the ReAction figure of Baboo would fit in your menagerie of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers villains!
Baboo works for Rita Repulsa and is often teamed up with Squatt to help take down the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Features detailed sculpting that highlights his unique part-monkey, part-bat appearance

3.75” scale action figure with five points of articulation

Collect the entire line of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ReAction figures by Super7!

 Produced by Super7.

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