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Black Artist Edition Cloakwork Orange - Montana 400ml Collectors Spray Paint

The Asian graffiti scene is unique within the world graffiti movement and often dances to the beat of a different graffiti drum compared to its American or European colleagues. This is one of the reasons why the work of the Malaysian graffiti artist CLOAKWORK stands out from the crowd. With a mixture of meanings for the artist, the marriage of the words CLOAK and WORK are a sum of CLOAK (to be hidden or stealth) and WORK (which reflects his drive for action and movement). As the 22nd feature artist on the Montana BLACK Artist Edition can, it is no surprise that he chose to reinvent the much-loved color Clockwork Orange BLK2070 with a visual homage to the cult film "A Clockwork Orange". The movie from which the color's name is inspired. Available only while stocks last.​

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