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Black Artist Edition How & Nosm - Montana 400ml Collectors Spray Paint

The 24th of the Montana BLACK Artist Edition cans featuring the New York based artists HOW and NOSM, is now available. Choosing the color P3000 Power Red was no surprise as one of the most powerful reds, a color which is at the cornerstone of their color schemes. As well as gradients of pink and grey, red is one of the three iconic colors (including black and white) adopted by the duo first due to practicality, and later by choice. Combinations of red, black, and white as eye-catching as they are, function like a calling card for their world-renowned murals and fine art. Raoul and Davide Perré are not only identical twin brothers, but they are also the ultimate example of creative partnership, synergy, and discipline. They have been working as a team for as long as they have been alive. Outgrowing their native Spain and adopted home Germany, the duo set a path to the U.S.A relatively early on in their career and they have called New York home ever since.