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Molotow One4All 127hs Pastel Color - 10 Markers Set

This 10-piece set of Molotow One4All refillable markers comes in a transparent resealable box and features 10 x 127HS markers (2 mm fine tip) in assorted pastel colours. The colours included in this set are: vanilla pastel (115), sahara beige (009), peach pastel (117), powder pastel (207), lago blue pastel (020), lilac pastel (201), ceramic light pastel (202), blue violet pastel (209), signal white (160) and signal black (180).
Molotow One4All markers feature a patented capillary system and a Flowmaster valve, which offers a consistent paint flow to the tip of the marker. Their high-quality, acrylic-based ink is permanent, UV-resistant, quick-drying and non-toxic. It can be diluted with water or acetone, and will dry to an opaque, semi-gloss finish on nearly any porous or non-porous surface. Non-absorbent surfaces are better than absorbent surfaces for colour permanence and brilliance, whereas surfaces that are too smooth or oily are inappropriate for adhesion. Ideally, surfaces should be checked for compatibility before use by applying the colour on an inconspicuous spot. The markers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Molotow One4All markers are engineered and manufactured in Germany.
They are free of heavy metal, lead and CFC (chlorofluorocarbon), and are built to be refilled, in an effort to avoid unnecessary plastic waste. Each marker can be refilled at least 50 times using Molotow One4All Paint Refills, which can be mixed to create the colour of your choice. The numbers on the side of each marker (e.g. 127, 327, 427, 627) denote the size of the barrel, and thus the amount of paint the marker will hold. 127HS markers feature a 12 mm barrel and 2 mm tip. The Molotow One4All range is adaptable and environmentally friendly, as all markers are reusable and both the markers and the spray paints use the smallest amount of solvents possible, relying on an acrylic paint which is 85% water. The packaging is environmentally friendly and the manufacturer has a social responsibility program.

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