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Fever Dream Fashion Horror Superguggi BY GUGGIMON x Superplastic

Literally. The FINAL toy of the Dream series nearly KILLED Guggimon in the making. The 8” FEVER DREAM may seem innocent enough, but this absolute trash bag is just WAITING for you to fall asleep so it can melt your brain with visions of cheap beer and socks with sandals. If cupid has his arrow, this *sshole has his ultra exclusive “Love Glove” used to distribute nightmares to anyone it touches. And while the “Looks that Kill” maskis removable we suggest you keep it on (SUPER PLASTIC IS NOT LIABLE FOR ANY BLOODSHED CAUSED IF SAID MASK IS REMOVED). 

Vinyl as vibrant as your last night terror. Only 1111 made (to make any more would be a crime against humanity)

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