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Magic Ink 8 Color Set

Magic Ink markers first released in Japan in 1953. Magic Ink created a unique marker with a compact, refillable glass body, chisel nib, and permanent oil-based ink. There was extra attention to design and packaging, with each pocket-sized marker placed in a box and further bundled in a set of 8 or 15 markers. The designs have remained virtually unchanged since their first release over 60 years ago.

8 colors
Black, Blue, Violet, Green, Red, Brown, Orange, and Yellow.

Oil-based ink is permanent. Excellent for use on paper, glass, metal, plastic, canvas, and wood.
8mm chisel tip is best for smooth surfaces.
Made in Japan.

Warning: Flammable. Contains xylene. Use in a well ventilated area. Keep away from children.
For professional use only.

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