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Mark Bodē" x Collective Exclusive Print SIGNED

The Artist: 

Carrying on the tradition of his father, the late great wizard himself “Vaughn Bodē”
Mark has mastered the art of illustrations and story telling with the ever expanding world of the iconic characters… “Cheech Wizard” “Da Lizard” “Cobalt-60”
And the “Bodē Broads”

Marks work expanded beyond his family’s famous characters and lead him towards working on issues of the original TMNT with Kevin Eastman and the highly successful cult classic “Miami Mice”.

Since the beginnings of graffiti, Bodē characters have found their way onto many of the greatest murals and subway cars around the world. The Bodē name has been referenced in some of the most well known hip-hop tracks of all time and has become cemented in the history of Pop-Culture.