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Montana Fat cap white Orange dot

The Fat Cap Orange is a cap for a wide average spray width of ca. 12cm (4.7“).
Perfect for fillin-in, coarse fadings and fat lines. On High Pressure Cans it works  similar to our level 5 cap.
The spray width changes with the used distance to the object. For skinnier lines, spray from a closer distance. For fatter lines, spray from a further distance.

The Fat Cap WHITE/PINK could be seen as the workhorse of the fat cap category. It has often been used by graffiti artists for doing just about anything on a moderate to large scale. Filling in surface area efficiently, fading color on layers or effects, outlining simple letters of moderate to large scale fast with relatively clean lines, and as an all-round cap if you want to travel light and paint fast. But it is not exclusively a graffiti cap. The urban art community, street artists and studio artists alike, know and value the fat cap WHITE/PINK. With an average spray width of 12cm, the WHITE/PINK fat cap creates lines that are considered as fat for its class. Art & craft enthusiasts as well as DIY project makers are also not left out. With a noticeably faster output then a skinny cap, the WHITE/PINK also makes covering larger objects or creative projects easy. Fitting on all female valve cans like Montana GOLD, Montana BLACK or Montana White, the WHITE/Pink fat cap sprays clean broad lines when applied close to the substrate and larger lines when applied further from the substrate. Please note, due to higher paint output, using Fat Caps may result in dripping or excessive paint application in some contexts.