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Optimus Prime (Clear Red/ Blue) - Transformers Super Cyborg by Super7

In most instances, “seeing red” is a sign of imminent danger, but for the Autobots and their allies, seeing the red of Optimus Prime means that the Autobot leader is here to lend a mighty hand in the struggle against the evil Decepticons! This 11” tall Transformers Super Cyborg Clear Red Optimus Prime was inspired by the vintage Japanese Henshin Cyborg toys and features the Autobot leader in a translucent red and clear colorway, and has seven points of articulation, a removable chest plate that exposes his Cybertonian inner workings, and an Ion Blaster accessory! Add the Transformers Super Cyborg Clear Red Optimus Prime to your Transformers collection before the chance to get yours transforms into an opportunity missed!

Produced by Super7.

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