Posca Broad PC-8K

Black Posca
White Posca
Gold Posca
Silver Posca
Blue Posca
Light Blue Posca
Green Posca
Red Posca
Yellow Posca
Pink Posca
Violet Posca
Brown Posca
Bright Yellow Posca
Orange Posca
Light Green Posca
Grey Posca
Light Orange Posca
Ivory Posca
Beige Posca
Red Wine Posca
Slate Grey Posca
Straw Yellow Posca
Bronze Posca
Metallic Blue Posca
Metallic Green Posca
Metallic Red Posca
Metallic Pink Posca
Metallic Violet Posca
Fluorescent Orange Posca
Fluorescent Yellow Posca
Fluorescent Light Orange Posca
Fluorescent Pink Posca
Fluorescent Red Posca
Turquoise Posca
Fluorescent Green Posca
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8mm Tip

Posca PC-8K broad chisel tip draws neat curves and covers large surfaces in a large range of colours. Ideal for flat-tints; 'Street Art' writing or signs; for beginners and professionals.

Posca's broad tip is ideal for artists to paint and draw on any indoor and outdoor surface, interior design lovers to refresh a space, a piece of furniture, an object, or fabric. Surfers and skaters also use Posca to customise their boards and any professionals who make signs or need to write on windows.