Posca Fine 3M/PC-3ML

Black Posca
White Posca
Gold Posca
Silver Posca
Blue Posca
Light Blue Posca
Green Posca
Red Posca
Yellow Posca
Pink Posca
Violet Posca
Brown Posca
Orange Posca
Grey Posca
Light Orange Posca
Ivory Posca
Beige Posca
Red Wine Posca
Slate Grey Posca
Light Pink Posca
Sky Blue Posca
Apple Green Posca
Lilac Posca
Emerald Green Posca
Fuchsia Posca
Dark Red Posca
Khaki Green Posca
Dark Brown Posca
Bronze Posca
Yellow Sparkle Posca
Pink Sparkle Posca
Red Sparkle Posca
Orange Sparkle Posca
Green Sparkle Posca
Violet Sparkle Posca
Light Blue Sparkle Posca
Blue Sparkle Posca
Light Green Posca
Bright Yellow Posca

0.9 - 1.3 mm Tip

Posca PC-3M fine bullet tip is designed for specialists. The PC-3M can be used to customise, create, decorate or mark anything that inspires you in a steady line.

Posca's fine bullet tip is ideal for creative crafts hobbyists for scrapbooking and for making greeting cards and table decorations. It is also suitable for artists and professionals and for amateur artists to personalise clothes or objects. Children will also love it for colouring.