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Smiles Union Street Choir Designer Collectible Toy by Nooligan x Unruly Industries

From the world of Union Street Choir, the limited-edition Smiles designer collectible toy by artist nooligan talks softly and carries a big bat. Take a stroll down the boardwalk with this free-spirited fellow as he searches the seaside for his star-crossed love.

Artist Statement: 

Bad side of a coin
& Mister outtaluck
Share the good word
Midnight preaches,
Donations expected,
For all the silent speeches.

Artist Bio:

HaiNaNu “nooligan" Saulque is an visual artist, independent creator, and graphic designer based in Sacramento, CA. An old soul, nooligan finds inspiration in times past. His style is contemporary with a flare of nostalgia. From the cartoons of his youth to films he missed by decades, from golden age comics to classic newspaper strips, you will find a creator who has immersed himself in what he loves.

Stands 9.8" tall!

Limited Edition: 200!

Designed by Nooligan!

Produced by Unruly Industries.

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