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Sneaker Shield - Universal for all style shoe


Meet the most up to date advancement in the Sneaker Shields family. Unrivaled at the subatomic level, Generation 7 is the best in class arrangement in the wrinkle avoidance world. Age 7 is by a long shot the most agreeable and adaptable addition we have at any point created. It's adaptability and frame memory outperform any remaining materials we have utilized in the past while further developing the break safe properties that keep up with the honesty that Sneaker Shields was based upon as Wearable Shoe Trees. You will know and feel the distinction when you have them in your grasp.

This is our BRAND NEW Generation 7 Pre-Notched Universal. It is our gentler addition that is ideally suited for regular use in your cherished dress shoes, relaxed footwear, Jordan's, Wow's, Kd's, Saucony, Versace, Gucci, LV, Air Force Ones and that's just the beginning…

It squeezes into practically any shoe or tennis shoe available without a should be managed on the grounds that we have currently pre-cut a score into the sidewall to permit space for your external toes otherwise known as your pinky toes.

In any case, assuming you in all actuality do observe that you really want to manage them for solace or fit reasons, you can do as such with any pair of family scissors. Basically cut along the trim lines which follow within edges of the underside of the supplement. You can get more guidance on our FAQ to assist with directing you through the managing system if necessary.

Ultimately, in the event you are as yet uncertain, Sneaker Shields™ are totally wearable while you stroll to forestall and fix wrinkles. So slip them in, and leave them in and keep your shoes looking new and new longer. Get a few today before we sell out!

Shoe Shields™ are Patent Pending and Made in U.S.A.

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