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Squatt - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Reaction Figure Wave 3 by Super7

Excitable, cowardly, and not terribly bright, Squatt is perfectly suited to cheer on Rita Repulsa, rather than join her, as she battles the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. This 3.75” scale articulated Mighty Morphin Power Ranger ReAction figure of Squatt highlights his warthog-meets-blueberry hobgoblin-like aesthetic, and comes with his blunderbuss accessory. He may not be in a hurry to actually fight, but we know you’ll be quick to add the ReAction figure of Squatt to your menagerie of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers villains!
Squatt works for Rita Repulsa and is often teamed up with Baboo to help take down the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Includes blunderbuss accessory
3.75” scale action figure with five points of articulation

Collect the entire line of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ReAction figures by Super7!

Produced by Super7.

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